Dear Legislator,

We as residents of the Patuxent Watershed and also as Maryland citizens, in observance of the legacy of struggle and activism by dedicated water quality advocates on the State’s largest watershed, support a strong and engaged Patuxent River Commission. We want a River Commission that is able to fulfill its rightful powers and duties under the law to engage and comment on the pollution and related issues and concerns that could improve water quality in this river. Sadly, the river presently holds a failing (D-) water quality score and it needs as much engagement and vigilance as possible in order to change that-- and our fate. A Commission that cannot conduct fact-finding, or issue commentary wherever the river’s problems lead us, is surely not a worthwhile Commission at all, and a waste of time for all concerned! Instead, we need and want a Patuxent River Commission that is committed to following the text, spirit and intent of our Commission as formulated by its original framers in 1980. The Commission should be an independent deliberating and advisory body where the membership has the tools, practical support and intellectual freedom to share the outcome of our deliberations where we can make a difference, and to fulfill our sworn duty to work diligently to protect the Patuxent River. We deplore the recent actions by the Maryland Department of Planning to restrain and undermine the true purpose and potential of this important Commission and voice for the protection of the Patuxent River. We demand the State agency cease its interference with our mission and powers, and allow the Commission to do its rightful work.

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