Is Patuxent Riverkeeper located in somebody’s house?

No. The location is a former dwelling and former Country General Store that is now used as an office and clubhouse for the non-profit Patuxent Riverkeeper organization. The site is a designated historic building and so its appearance has remained house-like in order to preserves its historic character. This sometimes confuses visitors in that it does not appear like a usual office—even though that is precisely what it is now. Public access is offered with fees for the use of certain amenities for non-Patuxent Riverkeeper members. There are few if any fees for dues paying members. While not a full-time dwelling for anybody anymore, there are accommodations located on site for a seasonal caretaker and site manager who often stays on site at the center during busy summers.

What are your office hours?

Our staff is small and we have work to do all over a vast seven county watershed. Sometimes we are at the headquarters site and sometimes not. Generally we keep office hours by appointment. The bulk of public and member interest in boat rentals is usually on weekends, and so we generally have somebody on site Saturday and Sunday mornings unless we are pretty sure nobody is scheduled to visit. It is essential that you have a firm appointment or have called in advance in order to assure we are here to greet you when you arrive. Likewise if you make an appointment and then change your mind, we appreciate it when you let us know.

How can I speak to a real person by phone about reservations and details?

We have a small staff that works full-time on various conservation and advocacy projects around the watershed. There is not always somebody working at the office and near the office phone, but we are very good about returning calls and scheduling appointments. If you need to speak to live person just leave a message at 3091-276-7913 ext 3; or send us an email: info@paxriverkeeper.org . Also the rentals phone extension is monitored all day by a live person on each Friday from 9-5pm from June through the end of September and also on Saturdays from 8am until 1pm.

How can I be sure my online rental reservation was received?

Usually our online booking system will send you a confirmation email—unless a spam filter on your end blocks it. Remember that we check the bookings system each morning and each evening to make sure we are aware of the latest reservations. If we have questions we will sometimes email or call you using the contact information you entered on your reservation. If you submit a reservation with less than 24 hours in advance the might get overlooked. Remember, you can always email an inquiry to us at the info@paxriverkeeper.org email address.

Can you deliver boats for use at sites other than yours on the river?

With advance arrangements (and provided we have the staffing available) we will transport a minimum of 12 boats at a time via trailer to any other launch point within the Patuxent River Park. There is usually a fee associated with kayak deliveries and this service always depends on whether or not we have a staff person available to load and move the boats when needed. Advance notice and reservations are key.

Can keep a boat overnight?

Yes, we generally add a $10 surcharge for a boat that is kept overnight and returned before noon the next day. A boat that is returned after noon-time is considered another full day’s rental.

Do you offer guided tours?

Yes. Basically we farm these opportunities out to local guides or members who are familiar with the river and experienced and proficient paddle/guides. We are happy to make the referrals and you can negotiate fees directly with the guide you decide to engage. From time to time we also host tours or local water outings on our own. Just get your name on our listserve, or send us an email inquiry to learn about these opportunities.