Brown Pelican Reproduction


High Quality Reproductions of Wildlife Art painted by Nathalie Worthington (12 x 17 inches, heavy paper stock, suitable for framing)

Natalie is a creative “type” born to a family who embraced the arts, Nathalie’s childhood was filled with much time spent with paint, clay, colored pencils, drawing, and art study. She surrounded herself with the paintings of her grandmother on her father’s side, and the mosaic landscapes of her grandfather on her mother’s side. Always keen on drawing, Nathalie studied the works of Durer, Escher, O’Keefe, Dali, and the Impressionists. Her art classes through college were riveting and pure joy… the math and science not so much: I get an inspiration for a painting and feel determined to get right to work bringing it into being, beginning with a primed canvas and warm color wash. My inspirations come from hiking in nature. I paint in order to visually represent the beauty of nature, evoking resolve to support clean air, land and water.