Waiver & Cautions for Rentals & Paddling

• I fully understand that there are certain dangers involved in the use of a kayak or canoe that are beyond the control of Patuxent Riverkeeper and its employees, which may result in accident, injury, death or property damage either to myself or other persons. Such dangers include, but are not limited to, the possibility of capsizing which could result in drowning, the possibility of striking rocks or other objects which may damage or rupture the boat and the possibility of being exposed to the hazards of water level or weather changes (including rain, lightening, fog, high winds and rough water) which may cause hypothermia.
• I acknowledge that I am familiar with the operation of a kayak or canoe and that I have been encouraged to wear a life vest at all times while using it.
• I do not have a physical condition, which may endanger my health by engaging in this activity. Paddling can be strenuous and you should be in good physical condition to attempt it. Self rescue (swimming, floating, wet exit training etc) is the best option for safety in most instances.
· Patuxent Riverkeeper Center is located in a wilderness setting with all that implies for sun, wind, tidal and similar risks and exposures. There are no life guards, rescue boats or other human safeguards. You should bring suitable attire, including a hat, and sun protection and you should take drinking water out on the water with you.
• I acknowledge that the kayak or canoe has been rented for my use only, and I have no authority to permit other persons to use it.
• I acknowledge that if I use my own equipment Patuxent Riverkeeper and/or its employees and agents cannot be held responsible for its suitability, fitness, and safety
Our commitment is to help you take normal precautions, advise you of hazards that we are aware of and to encourage safe boating practices at all times. Do not be shy about asking us questions or for advice. We are here to help!