Annual Patuxent Cleanup


Riverkeepers work on watershed problems, not just symptoms. But dumped trash, while a symptom, is one of the more unsightly and obvious signs of the decay of our waterways, especially in heavily used public access areas. Therefore the Patuxent Riverkeeper coordinates the only river-wide annual cleanup event each April. The Riverkeeper is joined by scores of other partners to provide supplies, site supervision, and promotional and other resources, in an effort to make each year’s cleanup bigger than the last. Our motto is: To clean up a river, somebody has to get dirty!

We also tally the yield of each cleanup in order to get a statistical record of annual growth of volunteerism and increases in the amount/tonnage of trash collected. Additionally, we help local groups recruit volunteers and advertise their own cleanups on our web site. The effort to remove more tonnage and engage more volunteers each year keeps the cleanup growing annually in scope and effectiveness.

We will be posting sites you can join on this page early in March. Questions or suggestions? email:

Patuxent Riverkeeper is seeking local business sponsors and donors to help us procure gloves, trash bags and other supplies. Sponsors will get recognition on this web site and other electronic outreach we conduct related to the cleanup. Sponsors will also get a poster to display in their place of business–that advertises and acknowleges their sponsorship support of the 2018 Cleanup.